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by Susan Ioannou

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Recent poetry from Opal Editions

[For the Love of Lazaros]

For the Love of Lazaros
In memory of more
than 50 years together


The Dance Between:
Poems About Women

A BiblioBoard
Indie Ontario Selection

[Looking for Light eBook Edition]

Looking for Light
New eBook Edition

Earlier poetry titles, many in new paperback reprint and downloadable PDF editions

[Looking Through Stone]

Looking Through Stone:
Poems on Geology, Metals, Minerals, and Mining

with glossary

[Coming Home]

Coming Home:
An Old Love Story

(free PDF download)

[Where the Light Waits]

Where the Light Waits
(Original Ekstasis
Editions paperback)

[Clarity Between Clouds]

Clarity Between Clouds:
Poems of Midlife

Familiar Faces / Private Grief
Revised and expanded

Mother Poems
Revised and expanded

[Balkan Poems]

Balkan Poems
Suffering and endurance
(free PDF download)

[Catalysts & Catastrophes]

Catalysts & Catastrophes
Funny and touching
feline poems
(free PDF download)

[The Merla Poems]

The Merla Poems
A long and intimate
(free PDF download)

For writers


Writing Reader-Friendly Poems
Plus Writing Exercises

[A Magical Clockwork]

A Magical Clockwork:
The Art of Writing the Poem

[Holding True]

Holding True:
Essays on Being a Writer

For young and old

[Nine to Ninety]

Nine to Ninety:
Stories across the generations

[The Hidden Valley Mystery]

The Hidden Valley Mystery:
Boys' adventure novel

[A Real Farm Girl]

A Real Farm Girl
Children's novel

[Polly's Punctuation Primer]

Punctuation Primer

(free PDF download)

[Read-Aloud Poems]

Read-Aloud Poems
Revised and expanded
(free PDF download)

[Ten Ways to Tighten Your Prose]

Ten Ways to Tighten
Your Prose

(free PDF download)

And also


Susan Ioannou profile issue
(free PDF download)

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