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Let ClearTEXT take the worry out of words

Give your documents clarity, polish, power

  • Whatever is needed, from basic copy editing to a complete rewriting, ClearTEXT gets your message across.
  • Even dense verbiage becomes simple, clean prose that shows you in the best light.
  • All editing is done to your company style guide, or ClearTEXT will build one for you going forward.

Why else choose ClearTEXT
  • ClearTEXT offers more than two decades of mining editing experience, from analyst reports, to company documents, to websites.
  • Past mining industry clients include government and university programs, investment banks, private companies, geologists, and entrepreneurs.
  • Your confidentiality is always respected.

ClearTEXT tailors pricing to your needs
  • The more complex the editing, the longer it takes.
  • The fee is based on turnaround time from start to the result you want.
  • Curious? E-mail a two-page sample for a free estimate.

To discuss your project, contact ClearTEXT Editor Susan Ioannou at susan.ioannou[at]

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