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Books in Print

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A Magical Clockwork: The Art of Writing the Poem
An examination of the techniques essential for every serious poet to master.
Textbook for the online course Lessons in Writing the Poem.
Paperback edition, 2000, 160 pages, ISBN 978-0-920835-12-8.

A Real Farm Girl
A city girl's first adventures experiencing life on the farm in the 1940s
Hodgebog Books Paperback edition, illustrated by James Rozak, 123 pages, ISBN 978-1-895836-52-3.
Expanded Wordwrights Canada eBook edition, 2010, 130 pages, ISBN 978-0-920835-33-3.

Balkan Poems
A chapbook of poems about conflict in the former Yugoslavia.
PDF edition, 2005, 19 pages, ISBN 978-0-920835-25-8.

Catalysts & Catastrophes
Two parts, first serious, then light, of feline poems.
PDF edition, 2007, 24 pages, ISBN 978-0-920835-27-2.

Clarity Between Clouds
Goose Lane Editions Paperback edition, 1991, ISBN 978-0-86492-111-6 (out of print).
Wordwrights Canada eBook edition, 2016, 74 page , ISBN 978-0920835-44-9.

Familiar Faces / Private Grief
A collection of poems about daily life and loss.
Paperback edition, 1996, 60 pages, ISBN 978-0-920835-01-2 (out of print).
Revised and expanded eBook edition, 2011, 82 pages, ISBN 978-0-920835-38-8.
Revised and expanded Paperback edition, 2017, 84 pages, ISBN 978-0-920835-48-7.

For the Love of Lazaros
In memory of more than 50 years together.
Paperback edition, 2019, 55 pages, ISBN 978-0-920835-53-1.

Holding True: Essays on Being a Writer
Ample light and balm, as well as encouragement and inspiration, for hard-working writers.
Paperback edition, 2008, 184 pages, ISBN 978-0-920835-29-6.
eBook edition, 2010, 171 pages, ISBN 978-0-920835-36-4.
Paperback reprinting, 2017, 209 pages, ISBN 978-0-920835-29-6.

Looking for Light
In a deeply troubled world, how is it possible to "Make it beautiful," as her Muse demands, Susan Ioannou asks.
eBook edition, 2020, 86 pages, ISBN 978-0-920835-56-2.

Looking Through Stone: Poems about the Earth
Out of print: Your Scrivener Press first edition, 2007, 107 pages, ISBN 978-1-896350-22-6.
eBook edition, 2010, 107 pages, ISBN 978-0-920835-34-0.
Literary edition Paperback, with glossary, 2017, 144 pages, ISBN 978-0-920835-50-0.
a.k.a. Poems about Geology, Metals, Minerals, and Mining: For the Love of Rocks, with glossary,
industry edition Paperback, with glossary, 2017, 144 pages, ISBN 978-0-920835-51-7.

A collection of poems about mothers and mothering.
Paperback edition, 1985, 52 pages, ISBN 978-0-920835-00-7 (out of print).
Revised and expanded eBook, 2011, 79 pages, ISBN 978-0-920835-39-5.
Revised and expanded Paperback, 2017, 78 pages, ISBN 978-0-920835-45-6.

Nine to Ninety: Stories across the generations
A collection of short fiction in a variety of voices aimed to divert and enteratin.
Large Print Paperback edition, 2009, 260 pages, ISBN 978-0-920835-30-2.
eBook edition, 2010, 159 pages, ISBN 978-0-920835-32-6.
Standard Paperback edition, 2017, 158 pages, ISBN 978-0-920835-46-3.

O Canada
Three poems on Canadian unity under the shadow of Quebec separation.
PDF edition, 2005, 6 pages, ISBN 978-0-920835-24-1.

Polly's Punctuation Primer
A fantasy that teaches essential punctuation concepts through pictures and rhymes.
Paperback edition, 1994, 70 pages, ISBN 978-0-920835-11-1 (out of print).
Revised PDF edition, 2004, ISBN 978-0-920835-23-4.

Read-Aloud Poems
A chapbook of poems for students from elementary through senior high school.
Paperback edition, 1993, 24 pages, ISBN 978-0-920835-10-4.
Revised Paperback edition, 2001, 24 pages, ISBN 978-0-920835-16-6 (out of print).
Revised PDF edition, 2005, 34 pages, ISBN 978-0-920835-18-0.

Ten Ways to Tighten Your Prose
Paperback editions, 1988, 1994, 16 pages, ISBN 978-0-920835-05-8 (out of print).
Wordwrights Canada PDF edition, 2016.

The Dance Between: Poems About Women
Meet women you could long to know, each moving through her own life's dance, yearning to find her unique rhythm.
Paperback edition, 2020, 72 pages, ISBN 978-0-920835-54-8.
eBook edition, 2020, 82 pages, ISBN 978-0-920835-55-5.

The Hidden Valley Mystery
A boys' adventure novel
eBook edition, 2010, 99 pages, ISBN 978-0-920835-31-9.
Paperback edition, 2017, 113 pages, ISBN 978-0920835-49-4.

The Merla Poems
A chapbook honouring more than three decades of friendship between two women
for whom finding beauty is essential to life.
Paperback Limited Edition, 2006, 38 pages, ISBN 978-0-920835-28-7 (out of print).
PDF edition, 40 pages, ISBN 978-0-920835-41-8.

Writing Reader-Friendly Poems Plus Writing Exercises
eBook edition, 2011, 66 pages, ISBN 978-0920835-35-7.
Paperack edition, 74 pages, ISBN 978 0-920835-47-0.

Out of Print

A Magical Clockwork: The Workshop Guide
First, Paperback edition 2000, 28 pages, ISBN 978-0-920835-14-2.

The Canadian Writers' Contest Calendar
Issues 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998: ISBN 978-0-920835-21-0, ISBN 0-920835-19-8, ISSN 1206-1980.
As of 2003, issues are available from White Mountain Publications.

The Crafted Poem: A Step by Step Guide to Writing and Appreciation
Paperback editions 1985, 1994, 58 pages, ISBN 978-0-920835-02-9.

Kuttel Daddeldu
by Joachim Ringelnatz.
Translated from the German by Frank E. Thomas and Norman C. Marshall.
Selected and edited by Susan Ioannou.
Paperback Limited edition, 1986, 32 pages, ISBN 978-0-920835-04-3.

Literary Market Directory
Issues 1988, 1989, 1990, ISSN 0844-3343.

Literary Markets That Pay
Paperback editions, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, ISBN 978-0-920835-06-7.

Scarborough Poems
by Denis Stokes.
Selected and edited by Susan Ioannou.
Paperback editiona 1987, 1993, 36 pages, ISBN 978-0-920835-03-6.

Selected Poems 2011
Poems chosen from part of the original 1996 Ekstasis Editions Paperback edition
of Where the Light Waits ISBN 978-0-921215-96-7.
Wordwrights Canada eBook edition, 2011, 81 pages, ISBN 978-0920835-43-2.

Wordwrights Newsletter
Volume 1, Number 1, 1991, to Volume 10, Number 2, 2000, paper (no ISSN).

Writing Reader-Friendly Poems
Paperback edition, 1989, 20 pages, ISBN 978-0-920835-08-1).
Revised Paperback edition, 1995, 24 pages, ISBN 978-0-920835-15-9.

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