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A Little History

How it began

Wordwrights Canada was founded in 1985 by Susan Ioannou, to bring together her many professional pursuits as an editor, teacher, and writer. Under its umbrella, with Cross-Canada Writers' Magazine, where she was Associate Editor, she developed a Manuscript Reading Service. Her poetry workshops for the University of Toronto, Ryerson University, and the Toronto Board of Education she extended into distance education in 1988 by creating The Poetry Tutorial correspondence course, later expanded and until 2017 offered as the online course Lessons in Writing the Poem.

Besides her own writing, Susan published chapbooks of others' poetry. Annually, she researched and compiled the guides the Literary Market Directory, Literary Markets That Pay, and later The Canadian Writers' Contest Calendar, now produced by White Mountain Publications. Twice a year she circulated her newsletter Wordwrights to clients and other interested writers, and began the extensive online Canadian Links of Interest to Writers. Her literary insights she shared in talks, individual coaching, readings, workshops, and such handbooks as A MagicalClockwork: The Art of Writing the Poem and Writing Reader-Friendly Poems, Plus Writing Exercises. (For bibliographic details, click Wordwrights Canada Publishing Bibliography.) In 2010, she expanded Wordwrights Canada from paperback to eBook publishing.

And then...

In 1995, Susan redirected part of her professional work. Projects for corporate and commercial clients were done under the name of a second company, which over the past several years has sharpened its focus to become ClearTEXT, The Mineral Exploration and Mining Editor.

In 2017, with the conclusion of the online course Lessons in Writing the Poem, most Wordwrights Canada assets were absorbed by ClearTEXT. Previous books remained available as free PDF downloads, or in eBook and paperback formats through Web bookstores such as amazon.ca.

A new imprint

To continue offering literary books, 2019 saw the creation of the new imprint Opal Editions with publication of the memorial poems For the Love of Lazaros. In 2020, two more titles followed: The Dance Between: Poems About Women and an eBook edition of Looking for Light.

A full catalogue of available Wordwrights Canada and Opal Editions books can be viewed at Featured Titles.



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