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  Writing Reader-Friendly Poems
  Plus Writing Exercises

   by Susan Ioannou

About the Book
Table of Contents
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About the Book

This compact guide shares how to master the art of "reader-friendly poetry"—writing that reaches beyond confession, shrugs off literary fashion, and bypasses the esoteric and avant-garde, to put the reader first. With more than 50 rules of thumb, writers learn to select, expand, rearrange, and edit raw inspiration into poems that are clear and engaging, that touch emotions, mind, and senses. Numerous writing exercises provide lots of practice in these techniques. The book also includes pointers on finding inspiration, as well as on submitting work for publication. The advice has been honed through Susan Ioannou's many years as a widely published Canadian poet, creative writing teacher, and literary editor..

Table of Contents
Part 1 – Warming Up
2 The Poetic Impulse
2 Two Hemispheres
5 Cut the Cop-out
6 Motive
8 The Bridge

Part 2 – Craft in a Nutshell
11 Reader-Friendly Poetry
12 Facts
12 Evocative Detail
13 Language
15 Imagery
19 Point of View
20 Sequence
22 Shape
23 Leaps
24 Movement
25 Rhythm

29 Sound Devices
31 Rhyme
32 Vision
33 Endings
34 Titles

Part 3 – Afterwards
36 Finding Markets
38 Preparing Your Submission
40 Coping with Rejection
41 Relativity
42 A Last Word

Part 4 – Writing Exercises
44 Introduction

About the Author
66 Susan Ioannou
Critics Praise

"Even experienced writers will benefit from Ioannou's concrete suggestions, but her conversational style and good use of illustrative examples make this a work particularly well suited to the novice poet.... Aspiring poets will find this compendium of advice a useful aid to personal blue-pencilling. Public and school libraries with heavily used creative writing collections may want to consider this volume for purchase."—CM: Canadian Materials for Schools and Libraries

"She gets right to the point, telling the author exactly what to do. Using examples sparingly, but effectively, this is the kind of book that a writer would actually use because it is so concise. However, this is not a book for a beginning poet.... It would be very suitable, though, for a reminder guide to someone already familiar with much of the information, or for a teacher using this as a guide with students."—In Search of Canadian Materials

Order Information

Writing Reader-Friendly Poems Plus Writing Exercises, eBook, by Susan Ioannou (Toronto: Wordwrights Canada, 2011), 66 pages, eISBN 978-0920835-35-7, $5.99 (suggested retail price).

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